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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spice Up Your Life! Johnny Edition

"SO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!" Is what I woke up to the first day of February break. I groaned and covered my head with my pillow. "IF YOU WANNA BE MY LOVER, YOU GOTTA GET WITH MY FRIENDS!" Argggggg. I hate the spice girls. The music didn't stop so I got up out from my bed and shuffled over to the kitchen in my muffin slippers. There I found Pony, Brook all rocking out singing with the radio using spoons as microphones. Dawn was Banging his head against the table saying "Just kill me now." Oh dawn Anyways I gave them the death glare. "Hey Johnny!" Brook said smiling. "Its like 9 why are you up?" Dawn said. "Yeah it's February break!" Pony said cheerfully. Just as I was about to go all crazy pysco maniac on them I heard this on the radio: "Are you a male who loves Britney Spears? How about Hilary Duff? You wanna see them in concert. together. in Toronto Ontario. Well here's your chance! Come dressed up as your favorite diva, Brit or Hilary! And you can win an all expenses paid trip to see them." That changed my 'i hate all of you' mood into my 'i'm the happiest person in the whole freaking universe' mood. Me and pony freaked out and jumped around the kitchen like we had just won a million dollars. And that folks is how our adventure began
So after me and pony decided to go to the concert we both went to pack. How many muffins can you fit in a suitcase? Exactly 22...scratch that 21. I got hungry. After I was done packing I saw dawn in the kicthen watching tv. I walked into the living room and brook and pony were all over each other making out rolling on the floor. I quickly walked out. "AHHHHH! MY EYES!" I said rubbing my eyes trying to forget what I had just seen. Dawn heard me and said "Oh I forgot to warn you, they are attacking each others faces in there." Just a bit late dawn don't you think? I'm still grossed out my the fact my best friend is dating my sister. Blehhhh.
After that whole horrible fiasco Angela came over to say goodbye to me. "Im gonna miss you." Angela said wrapping her arms around my neck "Yeah I'm gonna miss you too." I said wrapping my arms around her waist. Then I said, "So if Hilary duff and I hooked up you wouldn't mind right?" She gave me the 'You didn't just say that' look. I was just kidding but I don't think she took it that way. Just as she was about to yell at me I pulled her into a long deep kiss. I pulled away grinned "I love you Lah." She smiled "I love you too JohnnyAppleseed."
Finally me and pony were on the road. I didn't wanna die so I didn't let pony drive. After a couple hours of Hilary /Brittany Trivia and endless sing alongs we heard on the radio that there was a contest. It was a look alike contest. You had to dress up as Hilary duff and Brittany spears. The 1st prize was tickets on the floor for the concert. This is going to be interesting.

We went shopping for clothes, wings, makeup, and heels for the contest. We didn't know anything about being girls so it took us a while. Finally we were done shopping and changed into our costumes and drove to the contest. When we got there hundreds of people showed up. I stepped out of the car in heels and fell flat on my face. Pony laughed until he steeped out and fell flat on his face too. This was going to be harder than we thought. When It came for judging time me and pony struck a diva pose. Some dude whistled....creepy. Anyways the judges walked passed us and I think they were pretty impressed. Then it was time to announce the winners. They brought us and two other guys...At least I hope they were guys up on stage. They told us four that one team was the winner.

The announcer said "and first place goes to.......Jake And Paul!" Everyone clapped but both me and ponys hearts dropped. We got second place though at least....They gave us Tickets to the Wiggles Concert -.-
Me and Pony changed out of our costumes and washed the makeup off our faces. We were pretty disappointed.
"I told you we should have got higher heels! And heavier makeup! And clothes that didn't cover your belly button! Now how are we gonna get tickets?!" pony said.
"Pony pull yourself together! There's still time before the concert to get tickets. in the mean time let's go to the wiggles concert. I mean why let the tickets go to waste?"
Pony grinned "Yeah good idea! Then I could get my mash potato and my fruit salad on!"
I just looked at him weird. "Ok pony you do that."
-Taco Taco Taco Taco Nom Nom Nom-
Johnny like food. So johnny and pony entered taco eating contest.They ended up winning a lot of taco bucks against a lot fat people. (im too tired to write in first person so im writing in third person) It was amazing. Except when people started puking.
The wiggles concert wasn't that bad actually. The wiggles had catchy songs Pony and I sang and danced along with them. At one point we found this little kid who was lost. He said he couldn't find his mommy and he was crying. We decided we should take him to security. I picked the little boy up and pony found where security was. When got there Pony froze and his jaw dropped. Standing there was Britney Spears. She ran up to me and took the little boy out of my hands.
"You found him! OMG Thank you so much!" Brit said. Pony was still in shock. "Your welcome." I said keeping my cool. She brought me and pony into a group hug. "What could i do to thank you?!" She pulled out of the hug but pony wouldn't let go. I had a smirk on my face. "I have one way.....Could you spare 2 tickets to your concert?" I said.
"Of course!" Brittany said smiling.
After that she handed us tickets and backstage. They were first row! She said she had to go and pony was still holding on to her so I had to pry him away from her. Then we said bye and thanks.
Knock knock.
Who's there?
To be.
To be who?
To Be continued (:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Unlikely Heros.


So I was at home getting ready for work when I got a phone call from Pony. 
Pony-"Johnny! Thank God you answered!" 
Me-"I have to go to work pony so I can't talk long." 
Pony-"I need you to come over!" 
Me- "Like I Said I. Have. To. Go. To. Work." 
Pony- "But it's an emergency!"
Me- " fine. I'll be right over."
I ran over to ponys house as fast as I could. What if pony was hurt or in trouble? When I got to The Curtis's house I was beyond tired and out of breath. I knocked on the door about a billizillon times before he answered which made me worried. When pony opened the door I ran inside and said "Pony what's the emergency?! Are you hurt?" Pony said "No! Worse! My tv isn't working and the Britney spears music video for "Hold it agansit me" premire is in 1 hour 13 mintues and 24 seconds!" I sighed and said "Thats the emergency? Really pony?" he lookedd at me dead serious and begged. "Johnny you have to fix the tv! Pleaseeee." I was already late to work but if I didn't I wouldn't hear the end of it from pony. I walked over to the tv and inspected it. "Pony, Your tv might have to be plugged in to work." I said looking at the unplugged tv and plugged it back in making it work again. Pony jumped with joy. He said "Thank you Johnny!" i said annoyed "Your welcome pony." After that pony sat there staring at the tv grinning. I left in a rush to get to work. I was annoyed because I was late and pony was so stupid. I mean how could he have not have noticed that his tv was unplugged and thats why it didn't work? I muttered under my breath "Ponys an idoit." if I got fired for this i'd kill pony, i hate him. When I got to work I was shocked. The whole construction site was on fire. Fellow workers that were my friends were laying down on the ground....dead. I'd found out later they tried to jump but didn't make it. I still saw faintly through the smoke some workers still trapped and fire fighters trying to resue them. Then watched in horror half crying . I thought, That could of been me. If pony had never made me late I probaly would of died. It made me take back all the bad things I said about him. Now I'm kinda thankful for his slowness. :P Pony and Britney spears saved my life...Sounds kinda silly right? But it's true. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I went to Lollipop Land?

Let me get you caught up. One night Jamie and I got into a fight. Jamie went to the club with brook. I hung out with Kristi. Kristi gave me some heavy drugs. Me and Kristi did these drugs and I passed out. Okay now your caught up. :D

So after I passed out I woke up confused. It was still night but I didn't know what time it was or how long I was out. I didn't know where I was either. So I took my cellphone out of my pocket and called a random number. That number of course happened to be Jamies. I couldn't really hear her that well over the loud music and talking people. She was still at the club. She said "hello? Johnny?" I said "Hey Jamie. It's buddy the elf what's your favorite color?" Then she said "What? Anyways I'm so sorry. I said some things I didn't mean." I said "Sorry for what? Did you kill Barbie?" Jamie said "Uh..Johnny. Are you high?" I said "Noppeee. Okay maybe I am. Maybe I overdosed on drugs." She said "You WHAT? Are you okay? Why would you do that? Where are you?" I said "Jamie that's way to many questions." she said worried "Where are you Johnny?!" I said "I think I'm at the park." She said "Me and brook will be right there." before I could say anything. I thought about what Kristi said right before we took the drugs. Kristi said "No matter what happens I'll have your back. I had said "I'll have your back too." Then we pinkey promised on it. Thats the most serious kind of promise. I was worried about Kristi. I also thought kristi was gonna come back for me and everything would be okay. I was waiting at the park. I was under the slide because the hobos started singing showtunes. Then I heard footsteps. I said "BACK AWAY HOBOS! I HAVE A PINEAPPLE" Jamie said "Johnny? Oh my gosh. Your trashed. Brook is gonna kill Kristi." I said "Im not trash Jamie don't throw me out!" She said "oh your defintley high." I said "Jamie you need to put some clothes on. That dress is wayyy to short." jamie just stared at me like I just did 10 flips in a row. Jamie helped me up and I put my arm around her shoulder. She helped me to her car. She put me in the back. Brook was sitting in the front and said "Johnny you are high. I can't belive it." I said "Stop making fun of the penguins. They are sensitive!" Brook just rolled her eyes. Then Jamie and brook started whispering to eachother. I couldnt hear them. Then I said "where are we going?" and Jamie said "Lollipop Land! Johnny you want to go to lollipop land right?" I said "LOLLIPOP LAND? YESSSS! I WANT TO GO TO LOLLIPOP LAND!!!" Jamie said "Its right around the corner." I said "YES! All my friends are going to be jelous that I went to lollipop land!" Brook said "Sure johnny." Jamie said "We are here at lollipop land!" Lollipop land didn't look delious at all. Everything was white. There were a lot of old people. It smelled icky. And I saw people in pain everywhere. I said "Jamie this doesn't look like lollipop land..." she said "Uh...well that's because a doctor needs to see you first before you can go to lollipop land." Then Jamie and brook bought me into a room. A doctor came in and started talking to brook and Jamie. I tuned out. I was thinkng about how awesome it must be to be a skittles tree. Then Jamie said "Dr.Willy Wonka is gonna give you a couple of shots." I said "SHOTS?!? SHOTS?!? WHY?!!?" Brook said "Because your a deabetic and all. There to make sure your ready for lollipop land." I said "Oh okay. It willl be worth it once I get to go to lollipop land." Then the doctor gave me the shots. And just my luck they were the extra long are-you-muffin-serious shots. I made brook and Jamie hold my hands. :P I hate shots. It hurt like hell. But after that I got all whoosy. More whoosy then I already was. Brook brought me a Boque of lollipops. They made me belive I went to lollipop land and couldn't remember. Then we left and they brought me home. Jamie and brook put me on the couch. Dawn walked in and saw me. She said "What the-" I said "DAWN! You will never guess where I went. Your going to be sooo jelous. I went to lollipop land! And dawn I forgot to tell you that your monkey needs a haircut." Dawn looked so confused. Brook said to dawn "I'll explain." then brook left the living room to talk to dawn. I said to Jamie "thanks for taking care of me. Your such a good friend." She said "Er...friend? Oh yeah sure....No problem." Jamie got up to leave. I said "Nooo Jamie don't leave. Stay overnight." She said "Okay. But Why?" I said "Because brook will forgot to take care of me. She will see something shiney and forgot about me." Then I said "Im gonna go to bed now. I'm tired. Goodnight Jamie." she said "Goodnight I love- I mean goodnight johnny." I went upstairs and tripped over cupcake (Brooks dog) and fell into my bed. I imedintly fell asleep. I woke up the next morning so confused. I couldn't remember anything from last night. My arm hurt so bad and had transformer bandaids on it. My head was pounding. I felt horrible. Then Jamie came in the room. The last time I remember seeing Jamie was when we got into a fight. The fight was about me not wanting to quit smoking. I said "Jamie I'm so sorry. I'm gonna quit smoking. I know it's bad for me. I shouldn't of been a jerk about it." she said "Its okay. I'm glad your gonna quit smoking...." Then I kissed Jamie. When she pulled away from me she told me about last night. I didn't remember any of it. But it was coming back to me. I couldnt belive I called Jamie my friend and told her her dress was too short. I was high. :P I was shocked that they got me to go to a hospital :P. Jamie told me she was worried about me. She said it was aucally kind of scary. Then I rememebered Kristi. I said "Jamie have you heard from Kristi" she said "No." I had a worried feeling. I ran outside and rushed to Kristis house. I didn't even bother to knock on her door. It was always open. I yelled "Kristi?!? Kristi?? Are you here?!" I walked into kristis room. Kristi was sound alsleep on the floor. I sighed in relif. I poked Kristi and said "Wake up Kristi-kins." Kristi woke up and said "Johnny?? I'm so happy your okay. I'm sorry I left you at the park yesteday. I was gonna come back for you but I forgot where you were." I said "Thats okay. I'm just glad your safe." Then we gave eachother a hug.

That's the end of my crazy night. :D -Johnny Cade

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kristi is Back. :D

I was in my house making out with Jamie when I heard a knock on the door. I ignored it. Jamie said "Arent you gonna get that?" I said "Nah, it's probaly a girl scout or something." We went back to kissing. Then someone knocked on the door again and said "Johnny? Are you home? It's Kristi." When I heard that i imediently stoped kissing Jamie and ran to the door. When I opened the door I said "KRISTI!" At the same time Kristi said "JOHNNY!" We gave eachother a big bear hug and did our secret handshake we made up when we were little. I had a big smile on my face. I said "Im so happy to see you! What are you doing here, back in Tulsa?" She said "I moved back, I'm living on my own now." I said "Really? That's so awesome!" She said "Oh my gosh Johnny now we can hang out like old times!" I said "I got a lot of stuff I have to catch you up on." Kristi said "Me too." Then Jamie coughed. I said "Kristi you remember Jamie right?" Kristi said "Yeah, I think I do. Nice to see you." Jamie said "Yeah you too." Jamie said "I should get going, I got to get some homework done." I said "Okay bye Jamie, I love you" And kissed Jamie on the lips. Jamie said "Bye, I love you too." and with that Jamie left. Kristi said "Did I miss something here?" I said what do you mean?" She said "You and know..." I said "Oh yeah, we are dating now." Then she quickly changed the subject and said "You will never guess what I have for you." I said "A robot that speaks Spanish while jumping rope?" Kristi said "No silly, a glass bottle of cherry coke and shirt that says I'm a muffin." I laughed and said "You know me too well." I took the gifts. Thrn Kristi lit up a cigarette and tried to hand me one. I said "No thanks." She said "Why?" I said "After you left I quit smoking." She said "Johnny Cade doesn't smoke anymore? You got to be kidding. We had some of our best tines smoking." I said "I know.." She said "Come on you know you want to, one won't hurt you." She waved the cigarette in front of my face and I couldn't resist. Kristi handed me a cigarette and i lit it up. Smoking again felt so good. It was amazing. Me and kristi sat around for hours talking, laughing, and smoking. I was having so much fun hanging out with Kristi. It felt like the old days I missed so much. :) The next day we went Me, Pony, and Kristi decided we should all do something together. We went to....THE ZOO. :D which I havnt been since I was a kid. The zoo is where me and pony first meet Cristy. We were best friends after that. Anyways the zoo wasn't that exicting. The same lazy fat animals from years ago were still there. Why is it when you go to the zoo all the animals are sleeping? I was having fun anyways. Pony, Kristi, and Me can make almost anything fun :D. Then Pony pointed out a sign. It said: FREE CAMEL RIDES. Pony and I looked at eachother and smiled. Kristi looked at us and said "Oh no, I am not getting on a camel." Me and pony put on our puppy faces and pony said "Oh come on pleaseeeeee!" I said "We used to do this when we were kids remember?" She sighed then grinned and said "Fine, but you two losers owe me." Aucally the camel rides were fun. :D We got our picture taken on it. Me and pony got nautious after the 3 time around but Kristi said "Can we go on the camels again? Just one more time? Please?" Me and pony looked at eachother and said "NO." I said "We should eat lunch." Kristi said " know guys i was wrong that was REALLY fun!" Then we ate lunch and after we went to the animal show. It was still the same show I remember. I still laughed at every corny joke Ranger Joe made. After the show, since ranger Joe remembered us, we got to go backstage to meet the animals. The first animal Ranger Joe brought out was a snake named Buzz. Kristi screamed and hid behind me and pony. Pony held the 15ft long snake and I feed it a mouse. We got Kristi to poke the snake and that's about it. :D The next animal that ranger Joe brought out was a tiger named Tony. Kristi said "O.M.G! HE'S SOOO CUTE!!" Kristi petted him. When me and pony tried to pet him he growled and roared at us. We jumped back. Tony did not like me and pony. :P The last animal Ranger Joe brought out was a Kowala named Buddy. Buddy was really boring and slow. Kristi held buddy like a baby. Obsessing over it's "super cute" ears and nose. Buddy climbed up my leg and wouldn't let go. Then pony held buddy. Then ponys cellphone went off. He had a Brittney spears ringtone. Buddy got scared and freaked. Buddy scratched ponys arm up, almost bit of ponys ear and made pony fall. When pony fell I heard a crack in his leg. Blood was everywhere and pony had cuts everywhere. Kristi held on to my arm the whole time. It was pretty scary watching your best friend get hurt and not be able to do anything about it. Ranger Joe finally caught Buddy and called 911. Ponys in the hospital now, he will be fine but he's pretty banged up. At least we get to go to the zoo whenever we want for free now. And the zoo also gave us keychains. Of course that makes up for pony almost dying. :P They might have to put Buddy the Kowala down :(. Kristi and I stayed with pony until it got late and I drove Kristi home.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Johnnys Random epic post. :D

This post is about all the crazy things I did with you people these last couple of weeks. :D. _________________________________ Brookster and D-Dawg: Brook dawn and I went skydiving. I know what everyones thinking, "How in the world did you get brook to agree to that?" Well let's just say there's a price you have to pay for naming a dog cupcake. :P anyways brook was really scared when we got up in the plane and were about to jump out. No one wanted to go first so Dawn pushed brook out the plane. :D What a good sister. :P Skydiving gives you a rush of adrinline you can't explain. It was awesomely fun. :D Brook and Dawn seemed to have lots of fun too. Finally we are doing stuff as a family again. :). _________________________________Jamie: Well Jamie and I made up and are back together again. :) Since then we seem to have spent allmost every waking moment with eachother. :) So we were at the park and of course Jamie called the swings before I did. I always get stuck with the slide. :P Anyways i took my eyes off Jamie for one moment while sliding down the slide and she was gone. I didn't know where she was until she said "Johnny! Over here!" I looked over and she was on a hammock. It's weird that someone would leave a hammock here. But I'm not complaining. :D Then let's just say jamies a bad sharer. She flipped me off the hammock like 10 times. She claimed "I didn't flip you, you fell." :P Haha. but eventually we learned to share the hammock :D. We spent hours laying there, talking, smiling, and kissing. Thats our new favorite place to hang out. :). I'm really glad I got my girl back. :). _________________________________Breanna: I was really bored one day and I called up my best friend Breanna so we could hang out. Well being crazy and stuff we decided to hang out at starbucks. When we ordered Breanna said "I'll have a iced latte, extra icy." Then I said "I'll have a Carmel frappacino, extra Carmel." Then Breanna said "And oh Stanley will have a cookie." the worker guy said "Whos Stanley?" We laughed. We showed him Stanley was breannas pet dinosuar. :P Then we went to the side counter to pick up our order. I said to the other worker guy "WHERES MY TOY? I ORDERED A HAPPY MEAL!" Then Breanna said "Wheres my hug? For four dollars a mug, I should get a hug!" the worker guy looked at us crazy and ignored us. :P Then we spit spit balls at a lady who was typing really fast on a computer. And we also jumped on the couches they had. We also complained about the freaky jazz music in the store and started singing "We will rock you!" After causing more trouble in Starbucks we got kicked out. :D All I can say is best friends rule. :D. _________________________________Cristy: So I was walking down the street and I saw Cristy standing by a ballon stand. I yelled "CRISTY! HEYO!" She said "Johnny shhh!" I whispered "Why?" She said "Im gonna steal a ballon." I said "Huh?" Cristy said "You know steal a ballon like in spongebob. Duh." In a loud voice I said "Your crazy!" Cristy said "And your loud." I said "Fair enough." Then Cristy said "I need you to create a distraction so I can steal that red ballon." I said "Okay, but how am I supposed to do that?" She handed me a bottle of silly spray. Cristy said "Here. Now go, go, go!" Then I walked all calm like up to the guy running the ballon stand. He said "May I help you?" I said "Yeah" Then I took out the bottle of silly spray and sprayed him with it. :P While the ballon guy was screaming and running around crazy yelling at me Cristy snuck up to the ballon stand to steal the red ballon. She stuggled to untie the red ballon, and accidently let all the ballons go. The ballon guy turned and yelled "What the- how did? MY BALLONS!" Then me and Cristy started running. The ballon man said "Hey come back you crazy kids! You have to pay for these ballons!" Then Cristy yelled "But it's free ballon day!" Then when the stand was out of our sight we started laughing. I said "All that to get a stupid ballon?" Then Cristy said "Not just any ballon a RED ballon!" I said in a Charlie brown voice "Good greif.". _________________________________Baz and Cupcake the Puppy Dogs: Johnny was playing with Baz and Cupcake. Johnny taught Baz and Cupcake how to eat homework. Baz and Cupcake ate ponys homework. Pony does not like when dogs eat his homework. Pony was mad and Johnny laughed. The end. :D. _________________________________Darrel: I showed up at the Curtis's house one day and realized pony wasn't there. But Darrel was. I was bored and Darrel was reading the newspaper. I poked Darry and said "Darrel." He ignored me. I poked him again but harder. I said "DARREL!" He still ignored me. I punched him in the arm and said "DARREL!!!!!!!!" he finally looked up from his newspaper and said "What do you want kid?" I said "Can I take your motarcycle out for a spin?" Darry said "No." I said "Why not?!" he said "Because you would crash it, looking at muffins or girls or god knows what." I said "But...but I think your pshhh really really cool and not old like kitty says." He said "Okay well maybe you can take it for a spin. Just come back in ten mintues." I said "YES!" and grabed the motorcycle keys from darrys hand." Then Darry said "Do you really think I'm not old?" I said "Aucally I think your really old, SUCKER!" And I ran out the door. I jumped on darrys motarcycle Darry chasing me. I got about a block until Darry forced me to stop. Darry tackled me and dragged me back to his house. Then he said "You need a time out." Darry made me sit in the corner for 2 hours. I would of been in time out for longer but pony came home and saved me. :P.
PonyBoy: Me, Pony, Kitty, Gregory, Tina, and Amber went to ambers cottage for a couple days. We did a bunch of camp stuff. Like Zipline, rafting, water fight, and of course, a campfire. :D I think amber and pony have a little something going on....I ruined there perfect moment when I splashed a bucket of water on them. :P pony must think I'm the best best friend ever. :D Anyways it was lots of muffintasic fun. :D My favorite part might of been when me and Tina had a dance party. Lady Gaga is my dance weakness. :P I hope to go to ambers cottage again very soon. :D
P.S. I'm sorry Gergory that my fish hook got stuck in your Afro. It will grow back...eventually. :P. _________________________________Austin: Brook decided that her boyfriend and her brother needed to "Bond" one on one. Of course Austin and I weren't to thrilled about this. But we both love brook so we decided to just go with it. Brook decided me and Austin should go to bar. So Austin and I agreeed. We showed up at a random bar, it was empty. We played pool, which Austin will not admit, I won. :D anyways we sat down with a couple of beers and sat there in akward silence. I thought the bonding time was a bust. But then suddendly the Tigers baseball game came on a tv. And I said " Look A tigers game! Man there my favorite team. I have to watch." Then Austin said "No way dude, there my favorite team too!" Then we watched the game and talked about the Detroit tigers. We yelled and screamed at the tv like two crazed sports fans. :P The game ended and we went home. It turned out to be pretty fun aucally. :D
Angela: I was home one day and everyone seemed to be doing something, leaving me alone. I had an idea. I went to angela's house and asked her if she wanted to go clubbing. She said in a sad voice "Nah, I'm not really up to it." I said "Oh come on! It will cheer you up." She said "I dunno...." I said "You know you want to. I know your jam song." She said "I bet you don't know my song." I said "Its hot mess by cobra starship." She said "Your right, but I still am not up to it." I said "okay you leave me no choice, I have to sing. And let me just tell you I'm not the best singer." I sang badly "Your a hot mess and I'm falling for you and I'm like hot damn-" Angela laughed and said "If I go will you stop singing?" I said "Yes." So Angela and I went clubbing. We picked up Steve and twobit on the way. We all danced, drank, and had a crazy time. :D
Dallas: Me and Dallas went to Mcdonalds for lunch one day. Dallas and I pantsed Ronald Mcdonald. :D You should of seen all the little kids faces when we did that. Priceless. :P Then Dallas and I watched a fat guy who was upset that they were out of chicken nuggests duel it out with one of the workers. It ended with the fat guy sitting on the worker. I guess some people really love their chicken nuggets. :P Then Dallas flirted with some girls even know he told me Mcdonalds girls weren't his type. :P The playplace at mcdonalds had two slides that me and Dallas raced on, but we both got stuck. :P And Dallas claims he won. Pshhh yeah right. Thanks to Dallas, going to Mcdonalds is now fun again. :D
_________________________________Blair: Blair said "Hey Johnny I bet you I can eat a muffin faster than you can eat a cupcake." I said "Theres no way you can!" Blair said "Okay if I win you have to tint your hair pink for a week. And if I lose I have to wear a shirt that says I'm Team Muffin for a week." I said "Your on!" and with that I had a cupcake in front of me and Blair had a muffin in front of her. I could already smell the horrible frosting on the cupcake. It made me want to throw up. Blair said "Ready, set, GO!" Picked up the cupcake and took one bite and started gagging. I look over at Blair and she already had half the muffin done. I took another bite of the awful cupcake and spit it out. It was a bad cupcake. Really bad. :P While I was having a coughing fit Blair finshed her muffin and said proudly "Im done, slowpoke" I couldn't belive it. Blair ate the whole muffin without feeling sick or gagging or spitting it out. My mouth droped open in awe. I realized and said "Hey! Blair that's not fair! You played me! You enjoyed that muffin." Blair just smiled and said "Sorry johnny, Have fun getting your hair pinkk!" In the end my hair was pinkish and everyone got a good laugh out of it, espically Blair. :P
Carson: Carson and I went to Chukie cheese. The workers said we were to old to get in so we brought pony along. He can be passed as a 11 year old. :P But anyways me, Carson, and pony played lots of games. We played a game like dance dance revolution. Let's just say pony isn't the best dancer :P. Also Carson, pony, and a 5 year old beat me at ski ball. :P We all also went on one of those dollar coaster simulaters and screamed our heads off like we were gonna die. :D Carson asked chuckie cheese out on a date and he said no. I wonder why. :P haha When we turned in our tickets pony got a little light up disco ball, Carson got a stuffed kangaroo named Kangeroo (Very creative name Carson I must say.) :P and I only had enough tickets to get a tattoo of the girl bird thing. :( But besides that it was an AWESOME time! :D
_________________________________Sodapop, Steve, and Marko: Mark, Soda, Steve, and I went to walmart to pick up some things. Then randomly Steve screamed "SHOPPING CART ROLLAR DERBY!" Steve pushed Soda In a shopping cart and marko pushed me in another shopping cart. Mark said "Race to isle 14!" Which was pretty far away. Steve nodded. Soda said "Go!" Then off we went. We were neck and neck at first, then soda threw a box of cheez it's at me and mark. Then I threw an orange at him. After throwing foods for a while at eachother I could see isle 14. It was the final stretch. It looked like we were going win then it looked like they were gonna win. It when on like that. We both crossed the finish line at the same time. It was a tie. I said "We are beating them next time marko!" Mark said "You said it polo." Steve said "Oh we will see about that." Wallmart aucally didn't kick us out, which was surprising. :D
So I guess that's the end of this post. If I forgot you and you wanna be in this post just tell me and I'll be glad to add you in. This will probaly be my only post this month because it's so long and I worked hard on it. Anyways I miss you guys already. :P Comment and stuff so we can keep in touch. :D Goodbye for now. :) -Johnny Cade

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All because of that Damn Cat.

I got out of bed half asleep on Friday morning. Like every morning I got Ponys cat Rustys food bowl and poured cat food that looked liked goldfish into it. Well usally Rusty comes straight to me when i do that . Usually he claws at my leg and hisses and me until i put the foodbowl down. Well not this morning. I looked all around the house calling out "Rusty!!! RUSTY!!! WHY THE HELL DID I AGREE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!?!?" Then at the worst moment possible Pony walked in. He said "Hey Johnny! Wheres my favorite cat in the whole entire world!?! I promised Rusty today we would rate Brittney Spears pictures on a scale of hotness 1 to 5000!" I said "Oh your cat......yeah hes at the carwash. Washing his cat car." Pony said cheerfully "Okay cool. When will he be ba- hey wait a second, cats cant drive. WHERES RUSTY!?!" I sighed and said "The truth is, i dont know where rusty is. I found the back door open, he must of got out..." Pony said "Rustys...LOST!??!" I replied "Yeah pretty much." Pony said " We got to find him then come on!!" I replied "Hold your horses pony, lets make posters first, maybe someone has seen him" Pony said " Okay I'll draw Rusty. I got a C+ in art so Im pretty awesome at it, even though I broke a paintbrush." Pony went off drawing posters, his stick figure cats were pretty.....realistic. Pshhh yeah sure :P Anyways we went around town hagging up posters and asking all the gang they saw Rusty, but no luck. Pony looked pretty much depressed after loking for 4 hours and getting nowhere. Then I realized we hadn't asked the Brumleys if they saw Rusty. On the way to their house I remembered that Austin broke my sisters heart. I remembered how much Brook hurt, how she felt unwanted, not special, like a good for nothing cheerleading blonde. This feeling inside made me mad. So pony and I decided to take a little detour to the DX, and get some water ballons. Our plan was to pelt Austin with them. I know it sounds stupid but I had to do something to the person who broke my sisters heart, I'm her brother after all. So after we filled up some water ballons we headed over to Austin house. Pony rang the door bell. Austin answered. Perfect. Right when he opened the door I hit him with a water ballon. Right after that pony hit him with one. After that me and pony started throwing water ballons like rapid fire. Then after we were out of ballons Austin looked soaked. Me and pony started laughing. But Austin, didn't find it as funny as we did. Austin said "What the fuck guys?!? Do you see my hair?!? It's messed up!!" Pony chuckled and said "Sorry dude, I didn't know you cared about your hair that much." In an instant Austin punched pony right in the gut. I don't think Austin meant to hurt him that bad. Pony was practically wincing in pain on the ground. I said "That was really uncalled for man..." Austin said "Yeah I know. But It was just a little punch. He's pretty weak for a greaser huh?" I don't know if he really expected me to agree to that. I kinda snapped. I punched Austin right in the nose. All my anger went into that punch. All my hate for Austin at that moment went into that punch. That punch was powerful. He looked kinda shocked at me. Blood started rushing out of his nose. Then right there I turned around. There was Jamie. She was looking at me with a confused face, a dissapointed face. Had she seen the whole thing? I dunno but she ran over and said, "What the hell happend?!!" Austin answered before I could get a chance "Johnny punched me in the nose." The Jamie looked at Austin and saw the blood "Oh my gosh Tinman your bleeding, are you okay?!" Austin said "Yeah it's no biggie it just hurts a bit" Then Jamie turned to me and said "What were you thinkng?! How could you do this Johnny?? This so isn't like you. You know latley I've been feeling that I don't know who you are anymore. Just go away." I looked at her, with this shocked/sad kind of face. I didn't wanna put up a fight. So I just left. I told pony I'd meet up with him later. Pony nodded and went to go look for Rusty some more. I heard while I was walking away Jamie saying "Comeon tinman, go inside so I can clean you up." I thought, oh great. I felt like I've been run over by a truck. Then I realized where I wanted to go. Over to Angela's house. I trust her, and we can always count on eachother. So when I got to Angela's house Curly answered the door with a helmet, holding a skateboard and said. "Hey Johnny dude. What are you doing here?" I replied "Is Angela home?" He said "Yeah she is but I don't know where." I said "Thanks" He said "I have to go, I'm going skateboarding, later man." I said "Later" After he left I looked everywhere for Angela. I even looked under this plant, and under the couch. I was about to leave and give up I heard a soft cry. I said "Angela?" There was no answer, just more crying sounds. The sounds seemed to be coming from the basement. I thought to myself how dumb I am, I didn't look in the basement. So I opened the door to the basement. As i walked down the stairs the crying sounds got louder. I got worried. I looked to my left to see angela in a corner, crying her eyes out with a blade to her wrist, blood everywhere. I ran over to her, I didn't get to close because blood...well isn't really my thing. :P Anyways I said "Angela...." Then Angela looked up and said weakly "Johnny???" I could tell she was a little wosey from blood lost. I said "Yeah I'm here." She said crying "Johnny go away, I don't want you to see me like this." I replied "No I'm not leaving, I'm not letting you hurt your self like this." She said "I don't care, I'll hurt myself if I want to. My lifes a wreck..." I said "And you think this is how to slove it?!" She didnt answer for a second then replied "You don't understand..." Then I realized she's right. I don't understand. I've never cut myself in my life. I've never hurt myself on purpose. Then I said "Come on Angela, put the knife down." Then she snapped at me "No!" Then I sat down right next to her on the cold floor. I said "Look Angela, put the knife down and we can talk about this. There are better ways to deal with this." she replied "I dunno, this feels good to me." I said. "But it isn't good for you. Trust me Angela. I need you to trust me." Angela looked at me, then her wrist, then the knife. Then she dropped the knife on the floor. Immendiently after she dropped the knife she was in my arms, sobbing. I hugged her for a while, confronting her, then I said "Angela do you want to talk about this?" She said still crying "I all started when my parents hit me, beat me, did horrible things to me. They didn't care about me one bit, I was lucky if they put dinner on the table. I mostly just keept quiet about it, but it got worse and worse. I didn't wanna tell anybody because I was embaressed. The only way I could deal with it was...cutting." I just looked at her shocked for a moment, I didn't know all of that happened to Angela, the girl who always had a smile on her face. I said "You know, my parents beat me up too. I understand what your going through." She said "Really? Oh johnny I didn't know...." Then we talked about each of our homes lives with our parents. We talked about what happened with Jamie. We talked about a lot of things. We talked about well....everything it seemed. After about an hour pasted we were still in the basement talking. Then Angela said "I've never told anyone about the cutting, about everything.... execpt you. And I'm kind of glad your the only one that knows. I trust you." I smiled. I said "Well you will be happy to know I trust you too, a lot." She smiled back at me. Then there was a silence. Then I said "Well I better get going, Im supposed to help Pony look for his lost cat some more." Angela said "Oh okay." I said "Remember if you ever need me, I'll be there." She said "Thanks Johnny." I really appriciate it. Let me walk you to the door." I said "Okay" And we both walked upstairs. We both walked out the door. And she said "Bye Johnny Appleseed." I Said "Bye Angela" Angela turned around towards the the door about to go back into her house when I said "Angela wait." She turned around and said "Yes?" Then I pulled her in and kissed her. Angela slapped me. Then she said "God! I can't belive you just kissed me! I just looked down. I said "Oh I'm really sorry. I don't know what came over me....." There was this akward stillness between us. After a couple seconds she said "Come here you idiot." I came closer expecting to be slapped again and lectured. But instead, she started making out with me. Her lips tasted like whiskey. I thought could you get drunk from kissing someone? :P But then at the worst possible moment in the world in the history of time, Jamie and Pony came. Me and Angela stoped kissing. No one said anything for a moment. Jamie looked like she was about to brust into tears, and pony, well looked liked pony :P. But anyways Jamie said "I thought....i thought you loved me." And with that she ripped the necklace I gave her that said Johnny with a heart around it off and ran away. I could hear her crying when she was leaving. Pony gave me that, How-Could-You-Be-So-Stupid-As-Brittney look. He left too saying "Im going back to your place Johnny to look to see if rusty came back." I was spechless so I just nodded. I looked down and saw Jamie's necklace she ripped off. I picked it up and looked at my necklace that had Jamie on it with a heart around it. I felt....well horrible. Angela felt horrible too. We both agreeed that we were to good of friends to ever be together. And Angela said she didn't wanna fight with Jamie anymore, it was stupid. We both knew the kiss was a mistake. After we talked I went to jamies house. Of course I knocked on the door billions of times and she didn't answer. I must of threw hundreads of rocks at her window, but she didn't answer. It got really late at night and I was sitting below her window on the front lawn and I got a text from pony and It read "Hey Johnny! Guess what? I found rusty! In the fridge! Haha that silly cat." I was too tired to text him back. Then I fell asleep for a while. I was awoken by Jamies neighbors it was 3 in the morning. The neighbors claimed I was disturbing them. I said "My girlfriend lives here...she's gonna let me in." And one of them said "Oh sure. If you not gonna leave I'm calling the cops." I said "whoa whoa I don't want any trouble I just wanna see my girl." Then she said something about being a no good greaser, always hurting others, and getting into trouble. After getting a lecture on how horrible I am she called the cops on the count of tresspassing and disturbing the peace. Well the cops showed up talked with me talked with and the neighbors. The cops handcuffed me and I said "Wait wait I'm not tresspassing, this is my girfriends house." The police officer knocked on jamies door and Jamie answered. Jamie looked like she had been crying, a lot. I said "Jamie! Thank god you answered this officer here and you neighbors thought I was tresspassing!" The police officer said "Mam do you know this boy?" Jamie wiped her eyes and said "No. I don't know him." I said "Jamie! Jamie? Come on you do know me! I'm your boyfriend!" Jamie said to the police officer "Hes crazy, I don't know him. I'm glad I don't, he looks like a cheater and a heartbreaker. I hope I never see him again" The police officer nodded and said "Come on greaser lets go." Jamie just looked down and started crying again while I was taken into the police car. Well this sucks. The police officer then said on the car ride to the station, "Hey I reconize you, weren't you that kid who pretended to be a police officer? I thought "Damn muffins. This is the worst day ever." I didn't answer. He said "Well kid your in some trouble." When we got to the station I was sentenced only 2 days in jail. I felt pretty lucky. The whole time I was in jail I thought about 1 thing. Jamie. I thought "How could she do this to me?" Then I thought "How could I do this to her?" When I got out of jail I went home. I still havnt talked to Jamie....Everyone should hate me. I would understand. I deserve it.-Johnny Cade.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So this morning was like any other morning. I woke up, ate breakfast with brook, tried to get dawn up before 12 (which of course did not work), took a shower and got dressed. I was about to go out the door for work when someone rang the doorbell. I opened the door and it was my dad, a lady in a wedding dress, and a boy about 14 or 15. I was really confused and all I said was "Whats going on?" My dad said "Rhonda this is my son Johnny" And I figured out that lady in the white dress was named Rhonda. Rhonda came up to me pinched my cheeks, messed up my hair, and hugged me while saying "Oh isn't he just the custest thing! Well next to my Sammy. He's gonna make the cutest step child!" I froze. What did she just say? Stepchild? I said " What? Stepchild?" Rhonda looked at my dad and said "You didn't tell him yet?" I said "Tell me what?" Then I realized the 14 or 15 year old was Sam. Sam just kinda smiled and stood there. Finally my dad said "Son this is your stepmom. We just got married. Your mom and I are divorced." Well that would explain the wedding dress. I was shocked then came the next "surprise" My dad said "This is Sam. He's your step brother". I couldn't take it all. I ran. Ran to the park. I was sitting on the swings thinking about what just happend. This news hit me like a tidal wave and I was stuck in the undertow. I was sitting there a while alone when I saw this kid running my way. It was Sam. Sam said "Look dude I know this was all a shock to you and you may not like me at all but aucally I was looking forward to having a big brother. I hate my mom. But that's all the family I have, I hope we can be almost like real brothers." I sat there for a second thinking about what he just said. "You know what S-Man? I've never had a brother before. And I hope we can be like real brothers too." Me and him went back to my place to find Rhonda and my dad passed out drunk on my couch. I saw brook and dawn staring at them and me and Sam from the kitchen. I told them everything and introduced them to Sam. Dawn was chill about it. But brook on the other hand. Was confused. I think also shocked. She ran into my arms and started crying. I signaled sam and dawn out of the room. Dawn walked out of the room with Sam saying to him something about "Pulling his pants up because no one wants to see that and if he was any good at doing landury." Haha that's dawn for you. I found out brook was crying because she didn't want a stepmom, a step brother, or our dad back into our lives. I told her everything was gonna be okay. What was I supposed to tell her? I was a little worried to about this whole thing too. At night brook calmed down and went to see Austin , Rhonda and my dad woke up to go party, Dawn went out, and Sam was watching spongebob. I got to know a little bit more about him. He's 15. He's an only child. His mom abused him like mine, hes gonna go to the same school pony does, and he plays guitar. He's gonna live with me dawn and brook. My dad and Rhonda are living in my old house. I wonder where my mom is. Sams a nice kid. Almost a goody two shoes. Be nice to my stepbrother. I don't know how to feel about today. I think good things happened and bad things happened. I gained a stepbrother and gained a stepmother. In all I'm just shocked about today.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 in 1

HEYO. Sorry i havnt posted in a while. I think your all sick of hearing that. :P But anways here you go:

WATERPARK: Me and Jamie <3 went to The Big Splash Water Park for our month anneverisery before Sophies party. When we got into the water park jamie ran off somewhere while i was finding some chairs. So went to look around for jamie when SPLASH! A whole bucket of water hit me! I looked up and saw Jamie giggling. I yelled "Im gonna get you Jamie!" Then SPLASH Jamie poured another bucket of water on me. Jamie yelled "NEVER!" Thats where the real fun began. After an hour of revenge we called it a truce. :p Then we held hands and talked for the never ending waterslide lines. But i didnt seem to mind :). In line for this big water slide jamie said "I bet you i can make it to the bottom faster than you." So we raced even though jamie cheated and got a head start I still won. I should of betted something :p. After that we went on all the other water slides together. We started making out on this water slide and the lifeguard yelled at us. I didnt noticed him until he blew his whisle really loud in my ear. :p After an Cha-mazing day at the water park we left to go to Sophies party.

SOPHIES BIRTHDAY PARTY: It was so much fun. I mean we all only knew Sophie for a couple days and we all acted like we knew her for her whole life. I got her a shirt that said "I have a Bromodel, Are you jelous?" HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE. :) haha.

FORTH OF JULY: AWESOMEEE. One word to sum it up. :P And yes the extra E's were nessiscary. :P But anyways im pretty sure we all got the most drunk in our lives. Looking back at the pictures i barley remember most of it. All i know is that we drank, blew up stuff, drank some more, and got hungover. :P Oh i also remmber the makeout city Soda was talking about. :P Anyways Great 4th of july. End of Story.

RANDOM: Blair likes cupcakes for then muffins. :( Kyle and I like pet fishes. :P I went over to marks house and thats where i met Stella. She had red bull and i had poprocks. Welcome Stella i think your nice you have to share your red bull with me and i'll share my poprocks. :P Carson thinks cupcakes taste like violence. She is my hero. :p Cristy is still queen of cupcakes. :P Ive concluded breanna loves alex G to much. :P thats all for now. BYE. -Johnny

Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Red Muffin Hood. aka Jamie.

So long story short, Me and jamie are dating now. So the other day i told her i wanted muffins and she said she would come over and dress like little red riding hood and bring me a basket of muffins and after we would go to the park. I didnt really belive that she was gonna do it, until she showed up to my house with a little red riding hood outfit on, a basket of muffins, and a big smile on her face. I was kinda in shock for a moment. Thats probaly the nicest thing a girl has done for me in a while. So after eating muffins and talking with jamie at my house, we headed out to the park. I held her hand the whole way, but i noticed that whenever a Soc car drove past us she would hold my hand tighter. Once we got to the park we went on the swings and i tried to impress her by jumping of and landing, but it didnt turn out that way. I jumped and fell face first. I know what your all thinking smooth Johnny, smooth. But we just laughed it off. After we sat on the park bench and cuddled and talked. You know its agaisnt the rules to kiss a girl on the first date? Well lets just say i broke that rule when i walked her home. It was a CHA-MAZING first date with jamie :)-Johnny Jimmy Cade